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Real-Time Urine Screening for Bacterial Growth

UTI Results in Three Hours or Less

The BacterioScan 216Dx delivers real-time urine screening for bacterial growth.

With negative results in three hours and positive results in less time than that, the BacterioScan 216Dx takes days off the typical UTI screening.

Partners in Success

The lab division at CompuGroup Medical has partnered with BacterioScan to introduce this essential instrument to regional reference labs, urologists, OB/GYN specialties, rural hospitals, and other testing sites that manage a high volume of UTI screenings and want to increase patient care and satisfaction with faster results.

Contact your Account Manager at CompuGroup Medical to learn more, and join the growing list of CGM clients who have added the 216Dx to their laboratory.

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Introducing the 216Dx UTI System by BacterioScan

Speed Up UTI Detection

Improved Patient Care

  • Real-time detection
  • Elimination of unneeded antibiotic treatments
  • Quicker detection of infection expedites ID and AST processes

Antibiotic Stewardship

  • Opportunity to reduce broad spectrum antibiotic consumption
  • Targeted antibiotic therapy to treat specific bacterial infections
  • Improved infection control practices and earlier patient discharge

Improved Lab Economics

  • Real-time detection enables labs to report results earlier
  • Fast and accurate with high sensitivity
  • Eliminate the need to culture negative specimens
  • Random-access testing

Benefits of the 216Dx

  • Facilitates faster rule-out of negative UTI samples
  • Promotes antibiotic stewardship by preventing unnecessary antibiotics or enabling faster de-escalation
  • FDA-approved UTI detection provides more reliable results than other common screening methods
  • Saves money compared to many alternatives, such as send-outs
  • Integrates seamlessly with your laboratory information system

Better. Faster. Affordable UTI Detection.

With the BacterioScan 216Dx real-time detection, results are available days faster than with other current methods. Quicker detection of infection means improved patient care and satisfaction.

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