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Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Networking between manufacturers, the wholesale trade and pharmacies via the MSV3 interface

We have used the expertise which comes from 40 years of experience and our knowledge of sector-specific applications to develop technologies to optimize business processes between pharmacies, the pharmaceutical wholesale trade and pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

Our solution enables pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and re-importers to send and receive electronic orders, availability inquiries, shipping notifications and returns – automatically and right around the clock.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies are all interconnected. Pharmacies, for example, are able to check availabilities, execute orders and returns and receive confirmations in digital form. The wholesalers receive the orders, identify the customer making the transfer and are able to map the whole of the payment process complete with invoices and credits.

The goal of our activities is to work together to structure business processes in an efficient manner.

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Order process
Benefits for companies


Customers are automatically identified via the BGA (pharmacy identification) number or their customer number, and the order is correctly allocated.


The PZN (central pharmaceutical registration number) helps with the direct checking of availability.


Direct allocation allows conditions such as minimum order values or scaled prices to be immediately and correctly applied.


The digital process facilitates rapid and straightforward communication via (S)FTP(S), order files, master data, inventory value adjustment reports etc.

  • Intensification of business relationships, development of strategic business partnerships
  • Accelerating and optimising the flow of information and existing business processes
  • Minimisation of manual intervention (automation of time-consuming checks) and thus the error rate
  • Secure business data transfer
  • Supplement to sales via wholesale and field service
  • Direct communication without media disruptions

Our products and main focuses

Kommunikation zwischen Partnern mit Application-Service-Providing
Application service providing

B2B platforms for bi-directional communication between partners.

Bestell-Service mit MSV-3-Schnittstelle
Ordering service

MSV3-Version 1+2, EDI/PHOENIX

Lagerverlustausgleiche elektronisch übermitteln
Electronic transmission of inventory value adjustments
Consulting und Integration

Our services for wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies

Order processing

Receipt of order

Availability inquiries

Transfer instructions

Returns management


Shipping notification

Delivery notes

Integrated inventory audit

Order management

Customer-specific processing

Acceptance and transmission to the relevant wholesaler

Wholesaler orders

Inventory management

Management of inventory value adjustment reports


Electronic processing of vouchers – transfer instructions, invoices, credits delivery notes

Contacting us

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Hospital pharmacies also now connected

Pilot project

The pilot project focused on order processing and used an optimized interface to connect the CGM AMOR materials management system (AESCUDATA GmbH) and the HEXAL® und 1 A Pharma® brands of Sandoz Deutschland. It created an entirely digital platform to pool all processes relevant to orders. Information regarding product availability can now be accessed directly in the materials management system. The aim is for further MSV3 functionalities such as provision of shipping notifications/delivery notes, the processing of returns and the transmission of supporting documentation (e.g. order confirmations) to be available in future too.


We began the roll-out in October 2022 at the hospital pharmacies working with CGM AMOR and at all pharmacies supplying hospitals which use the systems PROKAS by Noventi, IXOS by Pharmatechnik, ADG, or WINAPO® ux by CGM LAUER. The first 100 hospital pharmacies and pharmacies supplying hospitals integrated the MSV3-plus procedures into their systems at the end of January 2023. This means that around 17% of customers have taken up this offer over a period of only 4 months. You could benefit too!

Advantages for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospital pharmacies rapidly and automatically receive the correct information on articles that cannot be supplied.
  • Time needed on the part of manufacturers (e.g. because of telephone or e-mail inquiries) is significantly reduced.
  • Orders are transmitted electronically and are automatically imported into the ERP system.
  • Long-term optimization of processing
  • Minimization of manual interventions (automation of time-consuming checks)
  • Reduction in error rate
  • Optimization of existing business processes (time and costs)
  • Direct digital communication without media discontinuities
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Secure transmission of business data
  • Delivery notes, consolidated shipment data and invoices are automatically generated and subsequently made available.
  • Some costs (e.g. for the digitalization of faxes via OCR) may be eliminated in the long term.
Advantages for hospital pharmacies
  • Long-term optimization of the ordering process via direct placement of order with the pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Immediate and effective information on product availability
  • Direct ordering form the materials management system
  • Significant saving of time for pharmacy staff
  • Avoidance of media discontinuities
  • Further MSV3 functionalities such as the provision of shipping notifications/PDF delivery notes and the processing of returns will be implemented in the near future.
  • The aim is for the transmission of supporting documentation such as order confirmations to be available in future too.

Our commitment

Optimierung der Geschäftsabläufe von Apotheken, Großhändler, Hersteller, Reimporteure und Clearing-Stellen
Over a period of many years, we have been supporting numerous pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers, re-importers and clearing bodies to optimize and harmonize their business processes.
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Höhere Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit dank MSV-3-Schnittstelle
Optimized business processes reduce expenditure and costs. Their main effect, however, is to increase   speed of reaction to rapidly changing general conditions.
Gemeinsame Plattform von Apotheken und Großhändlern
Our solutions will allow you to gain access to the joint platforms on which pharmacies and wholesalers have been operating for decades.
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We are really satisfied with the services you provide to us and with the support you offer. Top class. 

Christian Schumann, Head of Supply Chain and Customer Service bei Hormosan Pharma GmbH

It’s always fun when we cooperate on something. You are one of the few business partners on whom I can rely 100%. 

Ulrich Klumpp, Geschäftsführer bei BestPhago GmbH Pharmagroßhandel

90companies in the pharmaceutical industry use our services.
14.100pharmacies use our B2B platform to process MSV3 orders.
4 millionenWe handle 4 million article inquiries and more than 9 million parcel orders every single month.