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Industry Experts to Manage Your Revenue

The billing process for the clinical laboratory is complex, and too many labs are missing out on payments and leaving thousands of dollars on the table in unnecessary write-offs.

With the billing options in CGM SCHUYLAB, you can get an idea of the scope of the problem by looking at those write-offs, your open or incomplete claims reports, the claim aging report, or your 12-month revenue report.

Too many CGM SCHUYLAB users are missing out on critical reimbursements, and that's why a partnership with the trusted experts at ARIA RCM Services makes sense.

An important part of the CGM family, ARIA RCM Services delivers a dedicated team of industry experts to manage your revenue, maximize your reimbursements, reduce your number of write-offs, and bring in those payments more quickly than before.

Jan Chennault, VP of Product Management, CGM SCHUYLAB
When I look at our clients' write-offs, I find that they're doing way too many of these, such as for patient bills. This represents thousands of dollars in lost revenue, but there is a solution available to help.

Jan Chennault, VP of Product Management, CGM SCHUYLAB

Full Transparency

As a member of your team, ARIA RCM Services uses open systems and gives you access to detailed reporting. You're always in control.

Technology Choice

Build the most efficient path to a healthier bottom line. ARIA RCM Services can leverage your CGM SCHUYLAB technology to help you pick the path of minimal disruption.

Tailored Services

Get a solution crafted to fit your needs. From small physician labs to complex, multi-facility reference laboratories, ARIA RCM Services can help.

Regulatory Expertise

The experts at ARIA stay ahead of the latest CMS and payer requirements to ensure minimal denials and faster payments.

Business Alignment

The ARIA compensation model is 100% aligned to collecting every dollar you've earned. Your ARIA team only gets paid when you get paid.

Operational Efficiency

ARIA RCM Services uses its proprietary workflow technology to deliver optimum results at a low cost.

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Get Paid for What You Earned

Through write-offs, aging claims, and unnecessary denials, too many labs are missing out on the revenue they've earned.

ARIA RCM Services is an extension of your lab. Your team of RCM experts will take on this responsibility for you and knows what it means to get paid for every test.

Best of all, the fees for this service are minimal, and they are directly aligned with your collections.

Your dedicated team at ARIA only gets paid when you get paid, so you know that your team has your best interest at heart.