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EHR & PM for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Your specialty is our specialty at CompuGroup Medical. Experience a OBGYN designed EHR and integrated PM that can help improve your clinical outcomes, boost revenue, and save your providers time. 

Enhance care with smarter, integrated workflows for OB/GYN, family planning, and reproductive health. 



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Highly visible Obstetric Information

Nothing slows providers down like an inefficient display. You only have a few minutes with your patient and you want to make it count! From a single screen see the patients estimated delivery date, gestational age, prior pregnancies, what hospital they're going to deliver at, any high risk information and more!


Bill faster

Encounter codes are automatically coming out of the encounter

What's more is that CGM APRIMA EHR & PM integrates with ARIA RCM Services, an award winning end-to-end revenue cycle management service. We handle all the heavy work so you don't have to.

EHR solutions for OB/GYN

Flexible Charting

Choose from a comprehensive OB/GYN-specific vocabulary, swiftly document follow-up visits in under a minute, and effortlessly create patient notes using your preferred method: keyboard and mouse, dictation, scribe, voice recognition, or shared documentation. Moreover, utilize voice-to-text directly into structured notes fields to earn E&M and Meaningful Use credit. Craft patient-oriented visit summaries with non-medical terminology for improved patient understanding.

Adaptive Learning

Save time with access to your EHR anytime, anywhere on your Apple or Android device with CGM APRIMA NOW. Review notes, act on lab results, refill or write prescriptions, and much more. Our mobile is included at no charge with your CGM APRIMA EHR service. 

Patient Engagement

Integrating with your appointments and demographics, CGM APRIMA can deliver appointment reminders and mass messaging, so you stay connected with your patients and drive down no-show rates. Help them keep their appointments and add a powerful marketing tool to your practice.

Realtime Prescription Benefits

Convey the pricing details of patients' prescriptions during the prescription phase, ensuring speed and transparency in their patient journeys. This covers electronic refill requests, automatic retrieval of medical history, and reconciliation and eligibility information.

Relay the cost of your patients' prescriptions as you prescribe them. Patients appreciate the speed and transparency as they transition to the next step of their patient journeys. This includes electronic refill requests, automatic medical history retrieval, and reconciliation and eligibility information. Instantly view co-pay costs for medications and determine if a generic or equivalent medication exists. Quickly process Electronic Prior Authorizations and controlled substances within the ePrescribing workflow.

Clinical Decision Support

Our EHR knows that it's hard to keep track of all the necessary visits to keep patients healthy and on track with their care plans.

Get highly visible reminders that tell you, the provider, when a care gap needs to be addressed such as immunizations, well-visits, depression screening, or fall risks.

No Template Design

Chart the way you want to. We don't limit your workflow experience by a rigid template style. 

Quick reference codes

In your ICD-10 list, all the routine examination codes are right at the top! No need to scroll or search. Save time and get the right codes for your visits.