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Discover the nation's leading lab management software

Laboratories are a critical component of the healthcare system.

From a single-analyzer, physician office lab to a multi-site, regional reference lab, laboratories play an essential role in the patient journey. Secure, reliable testing and a fast turnaround time means accurate diagnoses and more timely care.

CompuGroup Medical delivers LIS software designed to connect laboratories to practices, billing systems, analyzers, reporting agencies, and more.

Efficiency, connectivity, scalability, and security: these are the hallmarks of our leading lab management software.

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Connect with our experts to find the right LIS for you


CGM LABDAQ offers every standard LIS function that is common throughout the industry but outperforms in terms of speed and functionality including a powerful rules engine, built-in analytics, PCR support, real-time dashboards and more.


Full featured and familiar, CGM SCHUYLAB is scalable for POLs and reference labs; perfect for labs with in-house billing, or for those with a need for multiple language support.


Intuitive and easy to learn, CGM AP EASY is popular for all kinds of AP specialties. Automate order entry, provide real time updates to clients, and deliver results securely via online portal. It's anatomic pathology made easy.

Benefits of LIS software by CompuGroup Medical

Total connectivity

Does your lab rely on outside providers to generate business? Ask us about the different ways you can connect to providers and patients for orders and results. Enjoy a cost-effective web portal to streamline your workflow with these providers.

Increased patient safety

Every lab needs to promote patient safety. CompuGroup Medical facilitates accurate sample identification and container requirements to ensure specimens are collected correctly.

Data integrity, security, and scalability

Because your data is critical, you need a secure, reliable database, and one that can easily scale up with your laboratory as your facility grows over time. Multifactor authentication and data encryption ensures patient data remains private and secure.

Better billing solutions

Would your lab benefit from a seamless integration between your lab management software and your billing system? CompuGroup Medical offers billing solutions for its leading LIS solutions, but we can also connect to the system you're using now. Our expert billing services team can even help you bring in those critical reimbursements.

Trusted service

Our software stands apart for ease-of-use and intuitive design, but clients discover tremendous added value from our dedicated, in-house technical support and implementation teams. Laboratory work is too important to outsource your support or to go it alone. More than just software, CompuGroup Medical is the industry's trusted partner for implementation, support, and training.

Regulatory and HIPAA compliance

You need to follow CLIA guidelines and maintain your lab's compliance. You may also be inundated with paperwork and overwhelmed by a complicated inspection process. CompuGroup Medical works closely with regulatory agencies to provide the required tools to assist with compliance.

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Robert Boorstein, MD, PhD<br>Medical Director, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory
I really appreciate how easy it is for a new user to be up and running without instruction: sending and finding results, making reports, etc.

Robert Boorstein, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory