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The nation's leading lab management software

CGM LABDAQ can be found in virtually every clinical laboratory environment including physician offices, clinics, reference laboratories, and hospitals. CGM LABDAQ meets the needs of veterinary offices and labs performing toxicology and PCR testing.

CGM LABDAQ creates a more efficient laboratory, minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks with advanced functionality including data mining, inventory management, and specimen storage.

Introducing CGM LABDAQ
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Benefits of CGM LABDAQ

Maximized Reimbursements

CGM LABDAQ increases reimbursement and optimizes profitability with tools designed to verify laboratory tests are billed correctly. User-defined rules will ensure that all testing and billing procedures are tracked and enforced, assisting with accurate and timely payment.

Total Connectivity

CGM LABDAQ provides real-time access to necessary parties outside the laboratory. Interfaces with your EHR and practice management system (orders, demographics, results, and billing information) provide you with seamless connectivity and interoperability. Bi-directional interfaces to national and regional reference laboratories are also available. 

Increased Patient Safety

Patient care is of the highest importance for all healthcare professionals. CGM LABDAQ safeguards patients through high quality, accurate processes and results. It improves efficiency while reducing errors, ensuring results are precise, accurate, and available to providers as quickly as possible.

Improved Workflow

CGM LABDAQ offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience that is easily configured to fit your facility‚Äôs unique environment. The LIS will automate pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic activities, eliminating tedious manual entry and reducing the possibility of human error. 

Regulatory and HIPAA Compliance

CompuGroup Medical works closely with regulatory agencies to provide the required tools to assist with compliance. CGM LABDAQ has an established record of updating software to meet new regulations. Laboratory inspections require less preparation with the CGM LABDAQ Quality Control and Document Management options. User-defined rules ensure that laboratory procedures are followed.

Data Integrity, Security, and Scalability

CGM LABDAQ enables the scalability and customization needed to support labs as business needs change. CGM LABDAQ is built on one of the most trusted open-source, object-relational databases available. CGM LABDAQ provides optimum data storage, security, and performance.

4000Labs Served
67Analyzer Companies Interfaced
30Years of LIS Experience
CGM LABDAQ offers a user-specific, customizable homescreen. Set up quick access to important reports, analyzers, and more.

CGM LABDAQ offers a user-specific, customizable homescreen. Set up quick access to important reports, analyzers, and more.

CGM LABDAQ and the connected laboratory

With CGM LABDAQ, a reference lab connects to EMRs, practice management systems, lab analyzers, and more.

Excellence in design and support

Key to the success of CGM LABDAQ is a focus on user-friendly, intuitive design. From the customizable user homescreen through to the detailed reports sent to providers, CGM LABDAQ is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

CompuGroup Medical clients also benefit from the expertise of our dedicated, in-house implementation and technical support teams. Highly rated by our clients, our implementation and support teams are your partners from day one, dedicated to the success of your lab or practice.

Customize CGM LABDAQ to your unique workflow

Whether your laboratory is expanding, implementing an outreach program, or requires additional functionality, you can customize the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System to meet your needs thanks to options including LAB IQ, Data Miner, Workflow Management, Manager Review, and many more.

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