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Create a healthy cashflow and prevent lost revenue

Find lost revenue in aged claims with ARIA RCM Services

Dedicating efforts towards running A/R reports, researching claims and tracking down revenue can take time away from other important tasks. We know this affects your staff, your patients, and ultimately your bottom line.

Practices increase revenue as a benefit of ARIA's 20+ years of experience of working with healthcare organizations of all sizes. 

We meet the needs of your organization so your practice can. You work hard for your money- don't leave it on the table. 

Better yet, our compensation model is aligned with your success. We only succeed when you succeed. 

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Is your Accounts Receivable over 90+ days?

Your A/R represents how quickly your practice is paid for services provided. The older your A/R, the harder it is to collect. In fact, studies show the likelihood of collecting A/R over 90 days can drop as low as 15% if the process is not managed correctly. That’s money you’ve earned and deserve. 

If you are seeing a rising trend in your practice’s 90+ A/R, it’s time to engage an expert to get your revenue collection back on track. 

Accounts Receivable services

Our The ARIA RCM team uses proprietary tech to prioritize claims with the highest likelihood of being paid, allowing us to get you the maximum reimbursement on your behalf. 

The service includes: 

  • A team of regulatory and payment experts to work your collections
  • Full transparency with detailed reporting—meaning you remain in full control of your business
  • A no-risk compensation model—we get paid when you get paid
  • Detailed, monthly financial reviews with your dedicated account executive to review progress 
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Rob D. Dickerman, DO, PHD<br>North Texas Brain & Spine Institute
I never worry about collections. I've turned this over to the experts.

Rob D. Dickerman, DO, PHD
North Texas Brain & Spine Institute