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Why should I try MEDISTAR?

MEDISTAR is a web-based practice management software system that is immediately ready for use. You can schedule appointments with the MEDISTAR scheduler, take treatment notes, manage your patient's clinical records, offer remote consults, and generate electronic scripts.

The only prerequisite is to register here to receive a user ID per email and start your 30-day free trial. Download or installation is not necessary.

How do I install MEDISTAR?

MEDISTAR runs as a web app in the browser. For you this means: no download, no installation, no problems.

You can access the tool by logging in at

Enter your login data (e-mail, password) and click "Sign In".

On which devices can I use MEDISTAR?

You can use MEDISTAR on your desktop, laptop, and tablet.

MEDISTAR works on Android and Apple.

The minimum wi-fi connection should be 5Mbit/s up and down.

How can I receive training for MEDISTAR?

Starting with a new practice management system can be challenging. MEDISTAR will make it as simple as possible for you. We developed MEDISTAR in a way that you can easily find your way around even when you are not familiar with practice management systems or software tools.

Additionally, we offer training resources within the software, and you can schedule a training session with one of our consultants anytime.

Which application does MEDISTAR use for video consults?

MEDISTAR uses CLICKDOC Video Consultation. CLICKDOC was launched free of charge by CompuGroup Medical SE (CGM) to support healthcare providers during the pandemic.

At this point CLICKDOC is used by more than 80,000 healthcare providers worldwide with continuously increasing demand.

Is the video consultation solution that MEDISTAR is using secure?

CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA (CGM), the company providing CLICKDOC has been a reliable partner in the security of medical data for many decades. CGM makes no compromises when it comes to handling sensitive data. Both data transmission and storage are subject to the latest standards and are subject to constant reviews.

The application runs on specially installed local servers, which CGM South Africa, as a full subsidiary of CGM SE & Co. KGaA, has set up in the cloud. So it is aligned with South Africa's POPIA Regulations.

How can I use electronic scripting to courier medication to my patients?

The electronic scripting platform in MEDISTAR allows a doctor to digitally capture all prescriptions and view a patient's medicine history in a medicine dashboard. The e-scripting solution allows a doctor to sign a digital prescription using their personalised Advanced Electronic Signature. Doctors can select an enabled courier pharmacy from a digital pharmacy list to fulfil the digital prescription in real-time and deliver the medication directly to the patient's home.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

You can register for your free trial access to MEDISTAR here:

Within your 30-day free trial period you can try out all our features. We will contact you to discuss a suitable subscription for your practice.

You do not need to take any action to end the trial period. Once your 30-day free trial comes to an end, your account will automatically be terminated if you do not decide to sign up for a subscription. You don't have to give notice, and you won't incur any costs.

Is there a minimum contract term?

The minimum term of a MEDISTAR contract is 12 months for the initial agreement.