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Connect with your clients.
Simplify your practice.
Grow your therapy practice.

Let CGM MEDISTAR handle everything from appointment scheduling to billing, freeing you up to focus on quality client care.

Improve client flow and reduce no-shows by scheduling appointments with the CGM MEDISTAR calendar.

Conduct remote therapy sessions with clients from across the country. Better manage your client records and billing information, capture case notes and more.

Bundled with a powerful suite of products, CGM MEDISTAR has everything you need to simplify your therapy practice.

Give your therapy practice all benefits of a fully digital practice workflow. 


Let MEDISTAR mobilise your practice to run smoothly. Keep administrative work to a minimum by streamlining and simplifying the daily tasks of your therapy practice.

Let us free you up to focus on what matters most.


A therapist's role is emotionally demanding. Skip the busy work and manage your schedule your way. We know how important it is to take care of your personal well-being to continue your good work.


Improve your client experience. Connect with your patients where and when they need it most.

With CGM MEDISTAR, you are able to concentrate on building therapeutic relationships and quality client care.

Charles Persence, Psychologist, George
CGM MEDISTAR is a fantastic Practice Management System. It has streamlined my scheduling and record keeping and has made my business more efficient.

Charles Persence, Psychologist, George