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November 19, 2021

Bianca Schräder


What is your practice setup? Single or group practice? Is there someone that helps with admin and billing, or do you do it all by yourself? 

I am a single practice and do everything by myself at this stage. 


How would you describe your experience using MEDISTAR? 

My overall experience with MEDISTAR has been great. The support I receive when using this solution makes it stand out the most. 


How long are you using MEDISTAR? 

I have been using MEDISTAR since the 1st of September 2021. 


What is the most considerable pain point in your practice

I do all the admin and claims in my single practice, which can be very challenging. Everything around those areas can be my biggest pain point.


If you could highlight functionality that is most helpful to you, which one is it and why? 

The best part of MEDISTAR is that it is an all in one solution. The software covers everything from scheduling to conducting secure virtual consults and payments - including claims, invoices and tracking accounts.


Why did you choose to use CGM MEDISTAR over other practice software solutions available in the market? 

MEDISTAR is an all in one product that is easy to use. I have full access to the Customer Support line that is available to me with the best support. 


How does MEDISTAR support your patient experience? 

I can send SMS's to confirm my patients' appointments via email. Virtual consults also receive call links with a patient for each consult. MEDISTAR allows me to spend more time with my patients and the care they require and less time sending in claims and all other admin responsibilities. 


How have you experienced the service and support of the product? 

MEDISTAR has given me 5-star friendly customer service. All my technical problems are resolved within a short period. The support management is also not afraid to get their hands dirty to support their customers. MEDISTAR is an effortless software with new and improved regular updates. MEDISTAR listens to their customer's needs and implements necessary improvements when recommended.


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