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Safe and convenient payment solutions

March 18, 2021

Safe and convenient payment solutions to help manage your practice cash flow

The burden of shortfalls and outstanding payment collections has always been stressful, even more so in the current economic environment.  Add to that, the impact of COVID-19 where it is risky handle physical cash, you could have a volatile financial dilemma.  

An innovative digital payment solution can help you and your practice eliminate the risk. With the right tools you will be able to safely manage your practice cash flow, and improve your financial wellness.

Here are key features that will make a digital payment solution work for you.

  • Multiple payment options; your solution should enable you to offer your patients multiple payment options including, credit card, SnapScan, EFT etc.
  • Simplified collection process; your solution should allow you quick access to a patient's outstanding debt, so you can encourage your patient to settle invoices immediately after the consultation.
  • Simple, safe and secure; digital payment options allow for contactless payments, on a system that is compliant with the highest standards of security.
  • Seamless integration with your Practice Management Application; will save time and reduce administration.

Do you need help managing your practice finances? Look no further, CGM MEDEDI offers, a set of tools to simplify financial management for practice managers and medical practitioners that makes sense cents. With POS+ and Link2Pay, getting paid upfront and on time is a cinch. Our best-in-class security keeps your transactions safe, no matter how your patients choose to pay. 

We can give you the innovative tools to keep your practice financially fit.

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