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Using CLICKDOC as Healthcare Practitioner

During the current crisis, more than 1,500 doctors have registered for CLICKDOC VVideo Consultation in South Africa. What is their motivation and how are patients reacting to the new offer? We have asked CLICKDOC users about their experiences.

Interview with Doctor Charlene de Greef, GP, Johannesburg

Dr Charlene de Greef, a General Practitioner with a thriving practice at Mayo Clinic in Johannesburg is sharing her experience of using video consultation.

Interview with Charles Persence, Psychologist, George, Western Cape

Psychologists have their hands full supporting patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fear of infection, financial problems, isolation, and cabin-fever have triggered a tsunami of psychological stressors precisely when it is harder to obtain one-on-one psychotherapy. Many Psychologists, like Charles Persence, from George in the Western Cape, have turned to CLICKDOC Video Consultation to provide a safe, socially distanced environment for client consultations. He spoke to CompuGroup Medical about his experiences using the solution.

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Interview with Doctor Zuraida Moollaa, GP, Cape Town

Doctor Zuraida Moolla, a General Practitioner based in Cape Town is currently using CLICKDOC Video Consultation for about two to four consults per day. Video Consultation became an inherent part of her daily practice workflow.

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