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Electronic Health Record

  • Patient Data: Patient data management and easy access without searching
  • Examination Notes: Ensures a prompt and easy capturing of clinical documentation
  • Clinical Patient History: Comprehensive overview of the patients medical history
  • Procedure recording: Simple and fast capturing of procedures performed
  • Prescriptions: Generating of electronic prescriptions
  • Medical Certificates, Referral & Report letters: Generating of supporting documents with just a few clicks which include lab results, special investigation reports and imaging
  • Electronic Laboratory Result Exchange: Management and overview of laboratory data with a result comparison between labs over a time period
  • Macros and Auto text: For quick and reliable completion of standard tasks and optimization of the practice workflow
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis browser with favourites: Easy and quick search for ICD-10 diagnosis
  • Appointmentary Diary: Efficient appointment management

Electronic Switching

  • Real-Time Claims Management: Improves medical aid payment turnaround times and cash flow

  • Financial and Statistical reporting: Effective debt management and easily accessible over of financial records
  • Debt Management: Reduction in outstanding bills
  • PMB Alert Functionality: Instant alerts of Prescribed Minimum Benefits Diagnosis
  • Entire Scale of Benefit pricing for all Medical Aid schemes: Annual price updates on all Medical Aid Scheme Tariffs
  • ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice): Fully integrated Medical Aid remittance allocation functionality
  • Member Chec: Medical aid member validations
  • Interactive Claim Information Functionality: Billing information captured in the electronic health records gets imported into the billing system
  • Interactive Claim Status Functionality: Overview of claim history in billing and clinical system
  • Interactive Patient Demographics Functionality: No double capturing of patient demographics in billing and clinical system
  • Automated Updates: Keeps the system up to date continuously with the latest product releases

Supports Medical and Allied Practice Specialties: System caters for all the billing and clinical needs of Medical and Allied specialities.