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Patient care and financial management combined into a single practice management solution

What is PMO PLUS?

PMO PLUS is a 360° clinic and practice management solution with functionalities required for patient management activities, practice management, financial management and clinical process documentation of a medical practice.

It is the ideal solution for the efficient management of patient care information.

Why do I need PMO PLUS?

PMO PLUS combines your clinical and billing workflows into one streamlined process, revolutionising how you manage your practice by boosting your patient care and your bottom line.

It delivers a competitive business edge with automation, efficiency and reliability to increase your clinic revenue, profitability and time saving.

How effective is PMO PLUS?

The PMO and MEDEDI CPS applications are being used by thousands of users throughout the private and public healthcare sectors worldwide.

PMO PLUS combines these two powerful solutions into a single comprehensive solution. This is ideal for practices that are planning to move towards a digitised management solution, whether it’s a single user or multiple users within the same network.