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Save time through effective practice management

What is PMO?

PMO is a clinic and practice management system which provides all functionalities a medical practice requires - from patient management activities to clinical process documentation. It is an ideal solution for the efficient handling of patient care information, patient services provided, related medical correspondence. PMO aims to streamline your practice workflow and processes!

What are the functions in PMO?

PMO provides administrative, clinical and non-clinical functions for managing patients, encompassing patient Registration, Appointment Management, Resource Management, Patient Recalling, Practice and Patient Communication, Chronological Care Records, Customized Clinical Notes, Prescription, Diagnosis, Medical Imaging and Laboratory Orders.

Why do I need PMO?

PMO is a reliable healthcare solution that is designed for successful doctors. PMO is a preferred choice, as it delivers competitive business edge with automation, efficiency and reliability to increase your clinic revenue, profitability and time saving.

Where is PMO used?

PMO is being used globally by thousands of users throughout the private and public healthcare sectors in Scandinavia, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. It is the ideal solution for clinics (for a Single Operating Doctor or Chain Clinics) and medical centres below 250 beds that are planning to become paperless, whether it’s a single user or multiple clinics environment with hundreds of users within the same network.