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Everything you need to evolve your healthcare practice

MEDISTAR is practice management made practical.


  • Set-up appointment slots for video consultations
  • Block off busy timeslots as required
  • Register new patients directly on the quick patient registration form
  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders per email or sms
  • Move appointments onto a different time slot or day
  • Manage appointments for multiple resources

Electronic Scripting

  • Generate electronic scripts during a video consultation
  • Generate repeat scripts
  • Find all acute and chronic medicines previously prescribed for quick and easy reference
  • Search medicine by brand name and group medicines by generic equivalents to show all cost effective generic medicines
  • Find an enabled pharmacy in close proximity of the patient’s home or doctor’s practice and send the e-Script in real-time to the pharmacy

Billing Information

  • Capture Charge Codes during video consultation
  • Forward billing information immediately after the consultation

Data Security

  • POPI compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Encrypted according to SSL standards

Video Consultations

  • Exchange documents, images, lab results during the consultation with the patient and vice versa
  • Screen sharing
  • Write chat messages during the video consulation
  • Switch to audio-only consultations for low data connections
  • POPI and HIPAA-compliant

Health Records

  • Create clinical treatment notes before, during or after a video consultation
  • ICD-10 code search interface for diagnosis and e-scripting
  • Store all of your patient’s images, letters, and any other type of files
  • Access clinical notes anytime
  • Find important historic treatment notes with the Quick Search Tool
  • Audit Trail to view edit history with access limited to specific users
  • Share clinical notes with colleagues
  • Administrative staff are restricted from viewing medical notes to ensure patient privacy

Web - based Application

  • Accessible anywhere - from a desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Patient App is mobile friendly
  • No installation needed