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MEDEDI Overview


MEDEDI offers you as a medical practitioner the guarantee of a streamlined administrative billing management system.

Time consuming activities like manual creation of invoices, calls to medical schemes as well as debt collection get dropped and allow you to focus on the patient.

Doctors and their teams spend a large percentage of their time on administrative tasks. This includes billing and debt collection. This is precisely where MEDEDI as a billing and claims management solution comes into play.

With just a few clicks you give the go-ahead for real-time claim submission and payment:

  • Record consultation notes, procedures, medicine and materials provided to the patient on your claim. Scheme rules are linked to each scheme, plan and option
  • Send claim to the relevant scheme and receive live notification of the claim status
  • Once payment is received allocate to Medical aid or private bills

And in case of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) MEDEDI alerts you that an ICD10 diagnosis is linked to the patient's condition!

Using financial and debt management services provided by MEDEDI you can ensure that you are on top of your practice finances:

  • Have a look at the financial dashboard for a quick business overview
  • View account information and account history for a completed financial summary
  • Consult your financial and statistical report for more detailed information
  • Credit and Debit journal for complete financial management