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MEDEDI offers you an efficient, user-friendly billing and claims management system.

  • Providing an immediate acknowledgment from the medical scheme that they have received your claim, with a unique claim reference number
  • Providing an instant breakdown of exactly what will be paid by the medical scheme and what portion the patient is liable, allowing staff to immediately collect the patient liable amount
  • ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice): Fully integrated Medical Aid remittance allocation functionality with minimum user input required to capture and allocate payments to outstanding accounts, saving the practice time and money
  • Significantly reduced time spent following up on outstanding account debt
  • Reduced write-off amounts and losses and improves cash flow
  • More efficient and effective practice workflow
  • Improves patient services
  • Automatic update functions, so that your product is always up to date with the required information, to make your practice more efficient.
  • Providing a user-friendly Windows based interface and an always up to date data base so that staff can find and process ICD10 codes within seconds



MEDISTAR Telehealth, everything you need to evolve your healthcare practice.