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Central patient hub and Physical examination

  • Simplifies the entire examination process, register every patient on the system;
  • Membercheck allows you to directly import information from the medical scheme system;
  • Identify and highlight dental conditions using imaging tools and input diagnostic data, providing a complete picture of each patient.
  • Additional features include; archiving, medical history records, dental record & treatment plans and billing information.

Image editing and Radiographic status

  • XDENT integrates your digital X-Rays and allows you to edit and measure images, with advanced features to work with diagnostic images.
  • The system offers the most advanced technology for assessing radiographic status and describing clinical cases.

Dental charting, Medical records and Billing

  • XDENT offers seamless clinical charting and billing integration that minimises errors and optimises revenue;
  • Charting saves time through drag-and-drop functionality to create treatment plans, with phases and adding charges in one go;
  • Real-time Claims Management improves turnaround times on medical aid payments and improves cash flow;
  • Streamline the claims process and reduce your practice's debtors' book and time consuming administrative tasks;
  • Simplified management of all accounting, payment and invoicing operations; and
  • Easy-to-use customisable periodontal charting, orthodontic notes and implant documetation.

Business reports with CRM integration

  • XDENT boasts an integrated CRM and has structured easy– to-use data mining tools.
  • The system enables you to search patient records and easily extract the information or reports related to patients, treatments or accounting records.