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Synchronizing your practice with the Cloud server

XSYNC allows you to always have access to your information system without the need to equip yourself with special hardware or leaving the practice server on continuously.

XSYNC service is activated on any XDENT practice installation and allows you to work from the outside as if you were in your practice even after turning off all computers.

For example you can have a server in another practice that sets your schedule or you can continue to use XDENT from home during the closing hours of the practice.

XSYNC is based on a synchronization service between the server and the practice cloud server that allows you to continue working even when the Internet is not available.

A solution that combines the advantages of the cloud and the efficiency of the solutions in the local network.

The new service XSYNC is also the optimal solution for all cases where you have multiple practices that share the same set of patients.

  • Data is partitioned among the cloud server and local servers so as to ensure the maximum accessibility and efficiency of the overall system.

  • Access data transparently on cloud servers or local servers from each practice.

  • XDENT will to adopt policies of load balancing and decides where to allocate data and which server to access.

A unique service that you cannot do without if you have mobility needs or if you have more than one practice.