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Physician Customers

Professional Medical Office - PMO saves you valuable time

Dr. Yazbek

Dr. Yazbek Dr. Yazbek

Dr. Walsh

Dr. Walsh Dr. Walsh

"PMO was installed in our practice in the winter of 2012. We are a very busy practice with two full time GP’s that see about 50-60 patients a day during office hours. We also have a thriving after hours practice which runs in the evenings, weekends and on public holidays.

PMO has enabled us to become completely paperless. All clinical records are chronologically documented on each electronic file. This includes a summary, problem list, clinical notes, vital signs, diagnosis codes, procedures, medications administered, medications prescribed etc.. Prescriptions are generated electronically, as well as medical certificates and referral letters. All lab results are delivered to the files, and documents such as X-ray reports and letters from specialists are also kept on the electronic file.

PMO ensures that our clinical files are accurate and safe, and has dramatically decreased our administrative burden.

We are happy to recommend the product to interested parties."

Dr. S.M. Legodi, Specialist Family Physician - Tembisa

Dr. S.M. Legodi

“PMO has added much value to my practice by reducing time spent on admin as well as making the paperwork and filing far more streamlined and easily accessible. The installation of PMO is without any doubt money well spent and I have no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone who is considering going ”paperless” in their establishment.”

Dr. Carla Els, Pediatric Pulmonologist

Dr. Carla Els

“Not having a secretary, I had to be able to do everything myself and still be productive and have an income, hence my choice of PMO. Using my laptop I can access the system from anywhere even overseas and I can download info, print or even reply to an email of a patient. I chose PMO because of its accessibility, comfort and it’s just so simple to use.”

Dr. Liesl Venter, Pediatrician

Dr. Liesl Venter

"I decided to go with PMO as a paperless medical management system, which has resulted in a huge reduction in our work load and administrative duties. The one function that is really of benefit is the writing of prescriptions, particularly the repeat prescriptions which can be populated or ticked and then repeated.

I would recommend PMO to anybody because of the cost & time saving component."

Suretha Bester, Gynae

“I can honestly say that PMO is the best thing I did in my practice. The centralized electronic patient record (scans,lab results,clinical notes) allows me to work from home or access any file I need from anywhere in the world. No more lost patient info.

The best thing is, that you can set up a system that works for you.

My advice is to buy a full package right from the beginning."

Konrad Teichert, Surgeon

“I’d like to thank you for the outstanding service provided by your personnel at all times. They are always friendly and helpful and can always solve any problems that we might have. Over and above, they always process our requests as quickly as possible. We can recommend PMO without hesitation.”