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Supporting schools with Medicaid funding for special education services

As a school administrator, you're faced with many daunting tasks. Chiefly, you must create an exceptional learning environment; provide superior education; and address the special, personal needs of every student—but you must accomplish this amidst ever-tightening budget constraints.

CompuGroup Medical makes this easier.

CGM offers its teams of expert coders and billers to help schools capture desperately needed Medicaid funding for individual education plans (IEP) and special education programs. These are expenses for which many schools are simply paying out-of-pocket. By capturing funding for these services, schools may continue and expand their special education programs.

Your students reap the rewards.

Beyond simply creating a new source of funding, CompuGroup Medical offers the CGM MediEd program—an electronic medical record, or EMR—to help your school track student progress; offer better, coordinated care; and ensure you receive the reimbursements you deserve for the special needs care your staff delivers.

Combined with a fully transparent platform and clearinghouse for special education medical claims, CompuGroup Medical offers an innovative, and complete solution to help schools overcome those budgetary challenges.


Billing services and software to meet schools' unique needs

Special Education Funding

You need a reliable team of certified coding and billing experts to handle your special education and Medicaid claims. CGM offers its revenue cycle management experts to take on that task.

School-Based Billing

EMR for Students

You need an easy and integrated way to document student, IEP, and 504 Plan progress, as well as Medicaid records for students.

CGM MediEd

Special Education Claims

You need a platform and clearinghouse to ease the burden of special education medical claims, capturing the necessary reimbursements, and leaving more time to put your focus where it belongs—the students.

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

CompuGroup Medical recognizes local Teachers of the Year

CompuGroup Medical successfully completes acquisition of eMDs in the US

CompuGroup Medical recognized for quality and convenience in healthcare technology

CGM recognized for quality and convenience in healthcare technology

Apache Junction Unified School District Teachers and Rookie Teachers of the Year

CompuGroup Medical recognizes local Teachers of the Year

CompuGroup Medical US relocates its corporate head office to Phoenix, Arizona

CompuGroup Medical US relocates corporate head office to Phoenix, Arizona