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CGM is your school's funding source for special education services

Secure additional revenue for your school

The CGM School-Based Billing Initiative captures Medicaid reimbursements for the special education services currently being paid out-of-pocket by schools.

CompuGroup Medical partners with schools to secure Medicaid funds so that every student with special needs has the resources to succeed.

CompuGroup Medical has a team of revenue cycle and billing experts that will help your school secure all of the Medicaid reimbursements you're owed. For many schools, this means an entirely new stream of funding to support special education services.

Is your school missing out on Medicaid funding?

  • Your school is required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to provide medically necessary services to students with special needs.
  • Your school provides these services to ensure that special needs students are learning in the least restrictive environment.
  • Your school not only pays for these services but manages them, handles the therapists, and tracks each sessions' documentation.

Our team of experts can get your school reimbursed an average of $5,500 per student, per year for these services with potential reimbursements as high as $10,000 per student, per year.

The School-Based Billing Initiative includes:

Customized Planning

Our expert team works closely with your school to develop a customized strategy designed to meet your unique needs and objectives.

NPI Application Assistance

CompuGroup Medical will assist you with obtaining your NPI (National Provider Identifier) and walk you through the process step-by-step.

Medicaid Credentialing

CompuGroup Medical will ensure that your school is approved to be a certified participant in Medicaid's billing reimbursement program.

Clearinghouse Enrollment

Our approved clearinghouse will allow you to bill Medicaid claims, along with commercial claims if third-party liability is required for your school.

Implementation & Setup

The experts at CompuGroup Medical will guide you through the setup process and help prepare your school to meet the requirements of the Medicaid reimbursement program.

Training & Go-Live Date

Your part of the process will be easy for your staff to complete, and our experts will be available as a resource throughout. CGM will do the rest, all the way up to getting you paid.

CompuGroup Medical manages the revenue cycle for school-based billing and special education services.

With school-based billing, CompuGroup Medical manages the Medicaid revenue cycle for special education services.

Who is CGM?
What do we provide?

A global leader in healthcare IT

CompuGroup Medical is a global leader in eHealth and has delivered more than 30 years of quality service and software solutions.

We specialize in medical software and billing and have assembled an expert team for our school-based billing initiative.

Among medical providers, CompuGroup Medical is known for its Revenue Cycle Management team and the eMEDIX clearinghouse.

Our expert team includes:

  • School credentialing specialists
  • Medicaid compliance officers
  • Professional billing & collections specialists
  • Certified coders
  • Business analysts
  • Experienced managers

CompuGroup Medical maximizes reimbursements and secures new special education funding

We provide schools with:

  • Complete site-specific evaluation
  • Determination of all students' eligibility
  • Modeling and demonstration of process
  • Software and document training
  • Management of clearinghouse (used for correctly processing claims)
  • Review of insurance remits and post claims
  • Follow-through for all claim denials
  • Scrupulous payment analysis
  • NPI credentialing
  • Exploration of opportunities to improve revenue

Track services more easily with CGM MediEd

Schools will save time and money by implementing our cloud-based EMR (electronic medical record) solution for schools: CGM MediEd.

  • Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)
  • Progress Tracking
  • Easy Oversight
  • Student Information Systems (SIS) Integration
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