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Monitor and record your school's special needs services with CGM MediEd

Schools save time and money with the CGM MediEd cloud-based EMR

The concept of an EMR, or electronic medical record, may seem foreign to school administrators, but this kind of software goes hand-in-hand with a successful special needs service. Keep track of student progress; offer better, coordinated care; and ensure your school receives the reimbursements it deserves for the special needs care your staff delivers.

Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)

Staying compliant with IDEA is easier when you use CGM MediEd to track your students IEP services, saving your school time and headaches.

Progress Tracking

CGM MediEd makes tracking and reporting on student goal progress simpler than ever. See how effective a student's plan is, coordinate strategies with staff, and keep parents informed.

Easy Oversight

Seamlessly keep track and report on staff activity as they perform student IEP or 504 Plan services. Record activities within CGM MediEd and ensure that the school receives proper reimbursements for these actions with help from the School-Based Billing initiative.

Student Information Systems (SIS) Integration

Easily link your school's SIS, or school administration software, with CGM MediEd to ensure integration and comprehensive data reports. Turn that data into useful information.

Is your school missing out on Medicaid funding?

Our team of revenue cycle experts can get your school reimbursed an average of $5,500 per student, per year for these services with potential reimbursements as high as $10,000 per student, per year. Learn more about our School-Based Billing initiative.

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