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Evaluate genetic risks and provide clinical recommendations with CGM GENOMICS for EHR systems

Bring the power of genomics to your EHR

Personalize patient care with CGM GENOMICS™, powered by ActX®, a turn-key service that integrates genomics directly into the electronic health record, or EHR. Focus on genetic risks you can do something about with straightforward, evidence-based clinical recommendations. CGM has partnered with ActX to make these insights available in your normal workflow.

Check drug-genome interactions in real time

Eighty-seven percent of patients carry one or more variants that affect medications. As prescriptions are written, CGM GENOMICS, in collaboration with ActX®, provides clinicians with immediate alerts if there may be issues with adverse effects, efficacy, or dosing based on the patient's genetics. This service covers most U.S. drugs with sufficient evidence of genomic impact.

Identify actionable hereditary risks

Clinicians can use CGM GENOMICS to identify and understand their patients' actionable genetic risks. For the 3-4% of patients with actionable risks, providers will be alerted in their normal inbox and provided with recommendations for their effective management. Your patient's genetic data is regularly reanalyzed as new research becomes available, and clinicians will be notified if the analysis changes.

Access up-to-date information right from your EHR

CGM GENOMICS, in collaboration with ActX®, creates a genomic profile for each patient you test, which is accessible within their chart. The genomic profile includes a complete list of potential drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks, and carrier statuses for the patient as well as complete clinical decision support for each finding. When new evidence becomes available, we update the genomic profile and notify clinicians if there is a major change.

A turn-key genomics service for your EHR

CGM GENOMICS includes everything necessary to make genomics a routine part of health care. In addition to genomic decision support, our service offers affordable patient DNA testing from ActX® that can be ordered within any of our EHR solutions.

Choose the right genomics service for your patients

The CGM GENOMICS full service option includes pharmacogenomics, hereditary risk assessment, and carrier status. However, for patients who may not want to know their hereditary risks, we offer the pharmacogenomics service. This option focuses on drug-genome interactions and risks that affect their medications.

Precision Medicine
How can CGM GENOMICS help?

An emerging approach for disease treatment

The emergence of precision medicine brings to light the benefits of adopting innovative clinical decision support tools to gain a better understanding of underlying factors that may impact a patient’s health.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.

The Precision Medicine Initiative was launched to pioneer a new model of patient-powered research. The Initiative promises to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients. 

Learn more about the National Institutes of Health.

Better understand a patient's underlying factors

CGM GENOMICS™ Powered by ActX® is seamlessly integrated into your electronic health record solution and provides affordable DNA testing to help providers better predict the efficacy of prescribed medications and other treatment options for patients.

  • Anticipate drug-genome interacations. At the time a prescription is written, providers can receive immediate alerts on medication efficacy issues or adverse reactions based on a specific patient’s genetics.
  • Identify actionable genetic risks. With a complete view of a patient’s genomic profile, providers can identify potentially serious risks in order to make recommendations for their effective management.
  • Stay on top of patient care with regular updates. Patient data is frequently reanalyzed as new evidence becomes available. You’ll be notified if any new findings are identified. Get relevant information based on your patient's genomics, right from your EHR solution.

Tools for patient insight and genetic disposition

  • Knowing a patient’s genomic profile can provide insight into possible side effects of a particular medication, dosage needs or even alternative medication options. CGM GENOMICS makes this possible.
  • Having the tools to identify patients with a genetic predisposition for specific conditions facilitates early screening. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this right for my practice?

CGM GENOMICS is designed to work within your existing clinical workflow. Access to patient genomic information in the clinical context facilitates easy decision-making. Enhance the care you provide with next-generation decision support tools.

Is this right for my patient?

Today’s patients have access to more information and technology than ever before. CGM GENOMICS enables you to partner with your patients as you deliver care. You can support your patients by anticipating potential adverse reactions to treatment.

Is this reliable information?

Behind CGM GENOMICS is a team of world-class scientists, university advisors and EHR specialists who deliver evidence-based information that you can trust. Our secure and HIPAA compliant technology is data encrypted.