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CGM LABDAQ & LabDAQ 4: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The components of a successful lab include quality instrumentation, good processes, dedicated personnel and powerful LIS software. In this session, we will look at a variety of tools available in CGM LABDAQ and our older LIS, LabDAQ 4, to further improve processes and minimize errors. From quick tips to the review of functions including, memorized reports, user defined fields, and result translations, we will work our way to more efficient lab processes. We'll also highlight new features in CGM LABDAQ such as specimen container receipt, shared memorized reports, Interface Monitor, Document Management, and more.

CGM LABDAQ: It's Your System, Own It!

A review of analyzer interfaces, HL7 interfaces, users and user permissions. Learn when to call your support team. In this session, we will discuss the differences among interface types, review the different communication methods for analyzer interfaces, and explore common communication issues with analyzer interfaces. See the difference between the available HL7 communication tools and surface-level troubleshooting. Lastly, we will cover how to set up and manage your users and user permissions, and discuss when you should call your support team for help.

How to Handle Massive Amounts of Data

COVID-19 testing has shown us how massive amounts of data can overwhelm a laboratory.  How do you handle the input and distribution of massive amounts of data with the same number of techs in your lab? CGM SCHUYLAB has a number of ways that a large number of patients, accessions, and tests can be entered in just minutes.  CGM SCHUYLAB can also distribute these results securely and automatically.

Using CGM SCHUYLAB to its Full Potential,

Join us for an overview of CGM SCHUYLAB’s more advanced capabilities and features. We will review features for optimizing work-intensive needs such as processing and reviewing requisitions orders and results, delivering results electronically via interfaces, web portals and email, and a host of critical managerial functions and customization. From creating custom reports, panels, and labels, to managing QC data and utilizing web portals, we’ll cover a host of helpful functions and capabilities. / We'll show you what to do before you call support, how to receive the best support experience, and how to get the most out of your support plan. We’ll also cover common troubleshooting tips, frequently asked questions, and how to best reach us.