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Dax Laboratories benefits from ARIA RCM Services

September 11, 2023 | Daniel Doll
Employees at ARIA RCM Services client Dax Laboratories

“Do yourself a favor and hit the easy button.”

Speaking from his new, larger laboratory in central Oklahoma, Director of Operations Travis Matthews, Dax Laboratories, told CompuGroup Medical that adopting ARIA RCM Services is like hitting the “easy button” when it comes to billing and revenue cycle management.

“The ARIA group is fantastic,” he said. “Honestly, our turnaround time is exceptionally fast right now. Currently, we’re sitting at zero exceptions (rejected claims), which is unheard of. We have nearly a 100% first-pass rate.”

Who is Dax Laboratories?

Formerly located in a facility half its current size, Dax Laboratories has grown to support patients throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding demographic area.

“We’re a reference laboratory. We have collectors onsite and are simply sent specimens here at our laboratory,” Travis explained. “We concentrate in urine and toxicology chemistry. We utilize both moderately complex benchtop analyzers as well as full-scale LCMS devices.”

Like a lot of independent labs, Dax Laboratories is a family business.

“My father-in-law is a PhD chemist out of ConocoPhillips,” Travis said. “My wife, Shaye Matthews, comes out of Dell Technologies—she was pretty high up on the food chain there.”

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Dax Laboratories benefits from ARIA RCM Services

With healthcare in mind, Shaye talked with her father years ago about ways to serve the citizens of Oklahoma.

Eventually, they opened Dax Laboratories, becoming one of only a few Oklahoma-based labs and naming the business in honor of Shaye and Travis’s fathers, Dayle and Rex.

Growing with software and services by CompuGroup Medical

Dax Laboratories worked with CompuGroup Medical from day one, implementing the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System.

“I couldn’t live without the LIS program,” Travis said.

In 2020, Dax Laboratories expanded its partnership with CompuGroup Medical by adopting the CGM DAQbilling software to monitor its billing and allowing CompuGroup Medical’s ARIA RCM Services team to process the lab’s claims.

CGM LABDAQ is the leading laboratory information system in the United States. Intuitive. Secure. Scalable.
CGM DAQbilling delivers a cost-effective practice management solution that integrates seamlessly with lab management software.

The challenges of managing lab billing alone

Before signing with ARIA, Dax Laboratories managed its billing in-house. Some customers ask ARIA to take on their aging AR or other specific pieces of their overall claims process, but Dax Laboratories handed everything over to ARIA after the person previously managing their billing couldn’t rise to the demands of the position.

“As more and more providers were sending samples to us, we were seeing more and more third-party payers,” Travis said. “There are at least 100 that we work with currently.”

Dax Laboratories saw their claims aging from 30 days to 60 days to 90 days and more.

“It almost killed us,” Travis said.

Struggling to manage the increase in claims and frustrated with a lack of transparency offered by the billing person on staff, Dax Laboratories looked elsewhere. The management team at Dax Laboratories was ultimately attracted to ARIA RCM Services by the benefits of having a dedicated team; the promise of excellent communication; and the opportunity to keep its lab software, billing, and services under one roof with CompuGroup Medical.

Travis Matthews, Director of Operations, Dax Laboratories
ARIA has always gone above and beyond.

Travis Matthews, Director of Operations, Dax Laboratories

ARIA RCM Services beats the competition

In comparing possible RCM vendors, Travis evaluated the customer survey scores displayed by a leading healthcare IT research organization.

Comparing ARIA with other vendors known by names such as Athena Health and Next Gen, Travis told CompuGroup Medical, “You guys are blowing them away right now with your overall performance score.”

That leading score translates to dependable reimbursements, a clean claims rate, and the communication and transparency that Dax Laboratories had been looking for.

Better payments, transparency, and communication

“With CGM, I can see, at a moment’s glance, any report I want,” Travis said.

This level of transparency is partly attributable to the functionality offered by his CGM DAQbilling software, but also to the openness and availability of Travis’s dedicated team at ARIA RCM Services, headed by Customer Experience Supervisor Rachael Alvarez.

If the team has an issue with any claim, they bring it to Travis’s attention. If Travis has a question, he will talk to Rachael or one of his dedicated ARIA teammates, like Andy Johnson, who works in CompuGroup Medical’s India office.

“I’ve never felt not supported,” Travis said. “ARIA has always gone above and beyond, and honestly, if I wasn’t communicating with them in our monthly meetings, I would see what I needed just in the notes on each particular claim and encounter.”

This is the kind of transparency Travis and Dax Laboratories always wanted.

“It’s great, because you can see the entire history of how a claim was processed in the notes and who the ARIA teammates have talked to at your third-party payers.”

Travis can find a contact person and phone number at any payer for any claim thanks to the detailed communication offered by ARIA RCM Services.

“I don’t have to employ a row of desks and full-time or part-time employees to chase down those claims and sit there on hold. The ARIA team handles it, and that’s fantastic.”

ARIA RCM Services
About ARIA RCM Services

In addition to helping laboratories with payer enrollments, our ARIA division specializes in revenue cycle management.

When you outsource all or part of your billing operation to ARIA RCM Services, our experts fight to recover the thousands of dollars every month you may be losing in denied claims, underpayments, missed deadlines, and inaccurate coding.

ARIA has a proven track record built on years of experience working with healthcare organizations of all sizes.

ARIA RCM Services believes in full transparency, operating as a member of your team and providing detailed reporting that keeps you in control of your business.

ARIA keeps revenue flowing during company downtime

Describing the RCM experts at ARIA as “tenacious,” Travis revealed how ARIA RCM Services helped track down claims, even during the lab’s change in locations when its in-house testing capabilites experienced sustained downtime.

“During our move, when we were down, we didn’t have the ability to process specimens ourselves.”

As Dax Laboratories outsourced samples to partnering reference labs throughout 2022, the ARIA team kept the revenue flowing.

“They would process our claims for us and honestly, I had no ability to do it. I literally had only a laptop and the very basics,” Travis said. “ARIA allowed us to scan our requisition sheets and the orders, and they processed it for us.”

“I’m indebted to ARIA forever,” Travis said. “Without ARIA’s help, we wouldn’t have survived. That’s a fact.”

Without the billing and coding assistance that ARIA provided during the lab’s most trying time, Travis is convinced the company wouldn’t have made it.

“It was all based on the strength of the relationship that we had with our RCM team, from Rachael on down,” he said. “I’m eternally grateful.”

Offering advice to other laboratories

Referring to teaming with ARIA RCM Services as “hitting the easy button,” Travis offered advice to other laboratories that are looking to improve their billing process. “Don’t try to do it yourself. It just costs so much.”

Unlike an in-house billing team, ARIA RCM Services only gets paid when the lab gets paid.

“It’s not based on how long you spend on a call,” Travis said. “It’s the end result—and it’s the same for ARIA as it is for me—which is fantastic.”

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