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CGM University: Remote CGM LABDAQ Training

CGM University: Remote CGM LABDAQ Training

Enroll in CGM University remote LIS training

Get in-depth training and support for the CGM LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System


Did you know CompuGroup Medical offers remote training for current CGM LABDAQ and LabDAQ 4 users?

Create a curriculum to benefit new employees or those seeking to increase their knowledge and skill set. Learn more about the power of CGM LABDAQ and how you can use it to streamline your workflow and save time.

Consider a training curriculum if your facility has added new users, locations, instrumentation, or tests.


CGM offers a standard, eight-hour curriculum that can be customized to meet your needs. For example, if you’re proficient with controls, you could opt for an in-depth look at the Data Miner option instead.

A standard, eight-hour curriculum* includes:

  • General Info (1 hour)
  • Controls (2 hours)
  • Rules (1 hour)
  • Reports (1 hour)
  • Result Acceptance (2 hours)
  • Software Options (1 hour)

On-Site CGM LABDAQ Consultation

Go further with on-site laboratory information system (LIS) consulting services from the CGM Professional Services Implementation team. Our experts will review your processes, improve your efficiency with CGM LABDAQ, address technical workflow issues, and provide advanced product training. CGM does not provide CLIA technical consultation.

General Info Current Set Up & System Settings
Rapid Order Code Set Up
Sets & Macro Set Up
Analyzer Interfaces
HL7 Interface Troubleshooting
Overview of Installed Options
1 hour
Controls Ordering & Scheduling (LabDAQ 4 only)
Adding & Editing Controls
QC Review & Control Graph Studies
Levey-Jennings & Control Reports
Warnings & Time Limits
2 hours
Rules Result Distribution & Processing
Result Acceptance
Ordering & Order Routing
Auto Verification
Panel Closed
Reference Lab Billing Type
1 hour
Reports Accounting & Management Reports
Utilization Reports
1 hour
Result Acceptance Result Review & Follow Up
Accepting Results
Identity Flags
Result History
Individual & Batch Manual Entry
2 hours
Software Options Available Options
Workflow Improvements
1 hour


Contact your Account Manager to discuss customizing your curriculum to better meet your needs.

Enroll Today

*CGM University is a fee-based service. Plan to schedule two, four-hour remote sessions within a 60-day period. An extensive, two-day seminar is also available. Contact your Account Manager to enroll.

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