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Software Assisted Medicine (CGM SAM™)

Software Assisted Medicine (CGM SAM™)/Disease Management Platform (DMP)

CGM SAM™ provides powerful clinical insight and online tools to optimize chronic disease management.

CGM SAM™ is a web-based disease management platform that is used by payers, accountable and coordinated care organizations, providers, and patients to improve health care quality, lower costs, and ultimately save lives. This state-of-the-art system can integrate volumes of patient data from a variety of sources (including EHRs, claims, lab, and pharmacy). CGM SAM™ uses this data to identify at-risk patients and generate actionable insight about their health. This insight is then matched against evidence-based clinical standards to create personalized health goals unique to each patient.

CGM SAM™ ’s rules-based, automated process generates the resources providers and patients need to improve chronic disease management. The system also allows providers to closely monitor their patients’ progress toward health improvement goals.

Get in-depth information about our state-of-the-art disease management platform by visiting the CGM SAM™ website .

Meet SAM, the new face of chronic condition management.

SAM provides powerful clinical insight and online tools.