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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring expands a facilitiy's ability to provide patient care in new ways and to remote locations.

Doctors & Professionals

Clinics, doctors, and medical professionals can connect to remote patients and analyze vitals.


Patients use the smartphone app and integrated devices to monitor blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and more.

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Save time, save lives, and save money with Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

CGM Remote Patient Monitoring delivers a cutting-edge, real-time telehealth solution, supporting clinics and social institutions in their mission to treat immobile or distant patients, or to protect the health of patients and staff by treating at-risk patients remotely.

With Medicare reimbursements, practices could expect to bring in up to $720 per patient, per year. Practices could also expand their reach, targeting more distant patients than before.

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