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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Comprehensive, remote care for patients

Patients use the Remote Patient Monitoring app on their smartphone to integrate with the patient health devices they are using.

A pulse oximeter measures heartbeat and oxygen saturation at regular intervals. If desired, a blood pressure monitor provides additional data. The devices transmit their measured values ​​to the smartphone via Bluetooth and from there to the hospital or doctor's office. The patient can provide additional values ​​manually via the app.

With Remote Patient Monitoring, patients will receive:

  • Comprehensive service, including available assistance for installing the patient app or connecting the smartphone to the pulse oximeter
  • The patient app with automated data measurement; the possibility of manual data entry (e.g. body temperature); and reminder functions for pending activities, symptom checks, and other information
  • Bluetooth pulse oximeter for measuring pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Additional components or sensors such as a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor

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