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CGM PATIENT PORTAL™ is a patient portal that facilitates secure communication between patient and practice. The solution is web-based and easy to implement with our electronic health record (EHR) solutions: CGM CLINICAL™, CGM ENTERPRISE™ and CGM webEHR™. CGM PATIENT PORTAL™ supports uploads of CCR-records, secure messaging and appointment scheduling*. This direct connection between patients and healthcare providers enables practices to communicate quickly and effectively by meeting patients where they are: online.

By giving patients real-time, self-service access to their medical information, medical practices can boost efficiency, reduce costs, utilize staff better and greatly improve the physician-patient relationship through improved communication. CGM PATIENT PORTAL™ is a hosted solution that practices and patients access via a standard web browser using a secure login. No special hardware requirements necessary.

*Availability of this functionality may vary with the EHR solution.

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