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CGM LABDAQ® Specialized Systems

CGM LABDAQ® Specialized Systems

Unique LIS configurations for specialized labs

Physician Office Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ POL is a solution designed for the lower volume physician office laboratory that includes all of the basic functionality found in CGM LABDAQ, without the complexities required for a high volume laboratory. The unique CGM LABDAQ POL includes one workstation, up to three analyzer interfaces, EHR integration, and expert on-site training. Available at an attractive price point, the POL configuration can expand to the full laboratory information system (LIS) as the laboratory grows and requires additional functionality.

Toxicology Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ Toxicology/Drug Adherence was designed to meet the needs of drug testing performed in reference labs, correctional institutions and pain management facilities. Statistical reports and medication reports for pain management are included in the LIS.

Forensic Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ supports the forensic laboratory with reliable quality control, workflow management, and chain-of-custody documentation.

CGM LABDAQ automates processes through the different phases of medicolegal testing. Improve workflow, reduce turnaround time, and increase efficiency. Processes orders, disseminate results, and effectively share data throughout your facility. The LIS assists with regulatory compliance, chain-of-custody documentation, user access, audits, and quality control.

Veterinary Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ is a laboratory information system that supports veterinary diagnostics for reference labs and veterinary clinics performing in-house laboratory testing.

CGM LABDAQ provides veterinary-specific features, increases efficiency in high-volume vet labs, enables integration with internal and external software systems, and ensures data integrity.

Manage data including species and breed with unlimited reference ranges. Document both animal and owner information. Create user-defined fields to manage relevant information; record whether or not a pet has been spayed or neutered, has a microchip, and more.