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CGM LABDAQ® Reporting

CGM LABDAQ® Reporting

Create detailed reports using CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

Use the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System to create reports for clients and providers using the data and results from the LIS.

CGM LABDAQ consolidates laboratory data into a centralized hub, simplifying access to required information. An extensive library of reports permits the user to evaluate patient, financial, quality control, and operational activities. Report queries can be created to generate routine reports, these reports can be scheduled to run at designated times.


CGM LABDAQ provides a wealth of financial reports to monitor performance and make informed business decisions. Financial reports allow you to monitor the daily costs, reimbursements, and billing information, which allow you to monitor the financial health of the laboratory.

Quality Control

CGM LABDAQ's comprehensive menu of QC reports help to achieve your laboratory's Quality Assurance objectives. QC reports will assist in monitoring the day to day QC activities and identifying shifts and trends.


Management reports provide essential information to monitor performance and increase productivity. Reports will assist with identifying staffing issues, test menu selection, and possible reimbursement problems.


Patient reports are available in many different formats and can be specified per provider. Reports are easy to understand and can even include interpretive information. Patients testing history can be viewed and plotted if required.

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