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CGM LABDAQ® Software Options

CGM LABDAQ® Software Options

Optional software to customize CGM LABDAQ to your unique workflow

Whether your laboratory is expanding, implementing an outreach program, or requires additional functionality, you can customize the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System to meet your needs.


Allows users to view laboratory performance metrics in a user-friendly dashboard that eliminates manual processes and offers business insight through advanced analytics and reporting. Available dashboards include Monthly Panel Trends, Lab Tech Productivity, TAT Analysis, and more.

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Inventory Management*

Increases efficiency by facilitating the quick intake and removal of inventory. Lab inventory is searchable and quickly accessible, which saves time and reduces errors and waste. Users are alerted when inventory is low or nearing expiration. Users can quickly determine reagents used for each test and obtain all accessions associated with a given reagent lot.

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Workflow Management*

Simplifies workflows where multiple intermediate steps, with or without results, are part of an overall process to generate a reportable result. Users can easily determine what steps for various workflows are pending and quickly build plate maps, alleviating manual documentation and processes.

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Document Management*

Assists with attaining and maintaining CLIA compliance. Users can document approval and review of documentation and ensure the most recent documentation is available to all users. This option is web-based so that documents may be accessed by remote users.

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Specimen Storage*

Tracks the storage location of specimens following testing. Users can quickly find stored specimens for retesting or to send to other facilities for additional testing.

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Data Miner

Provides a time-saving utility for collecting detailed information. Available queries include patient results, billing information, control, and requisitions. Results can be filtered by numerous fields including date range, tests, and patient demographics. Filters can be saved for future queries.

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Medication Compliance

flags results as consistent or inconsistent based on a patient’s prescribed medication. Your lab can distinguish itself by choosing a CGM LABDAQ Medication Compliance report—or customizing your own—that best serves your clients.

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Scans and attaches important documents directly into CGM LABDAQ at the patient or requisition level. Attachments can include any file type. Additional hard drive space may be required.

Manager Review

Allows a laboratory manager to review workflow, track samples, and view requisitions that are to be collected, not yet received, or under review. Especially useful for laboratories that support multiple sites.

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Medical Necessity Checking

Provides up-to-date medical necessity information. Decreases costly denials by ensuring accurate claims. This option uses CodeMap® data files, including both NCDs and LCDs.

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API Proficiency Export

Allows labs to electronically export proficiency testing data to API proficiency software. Eliminates manual keying of PT data, provides data export, and offers real-time connection.


Redefines laboratory administration and allows users to better manage specific tasks and resources. Lab personnel gain quick access to internal lab email and task lists. The scheduler allows lab managers to create calendars to track staffing, QC, and more.

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Client Services

Improves a lab’s ability to support its clients. Stores client contact information for quick, easy access. Lab support staff can rapidly create open calls, update the progress of existing tickets, and view communication history with clients.

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Turns your CGM LABDAQ keyboard into a cell counter. Effective for both manual differentials and urine microscopic studies. Users can customize units of measure to conform to their unique reporting terminology. Eliminates the need for external cell counters.

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Enables CGM LABDAQ to automatically verify results based on laboratory-defined criteria. Greatly reduces manual review time and allows staff to focus on potentially problematic specimens and results. Criteria includes flags, result values, specimen type, associated tests, and more.

*Option available exclusively for CGM LABDAQ .