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Data Miner for CGM LABDAQ®

Data Miner for CGM LABDAQ®

Gain access to detailed laboratory information

Data Miner for CGM LABDAQ®

Data Miner for the CGM LABDAQ labratory information system saves time and provides access to detailed laboratory information. Data Miner queries include patient results, billing information, controls, and requisitions.

Queried data can be filtered by fields including date range, tests, patient demographics, and more. Data Miner filters can be saved for future queries, allowing for easy access and rapid query generation.

Key features of Data Miner

  • Includes queries for billing functions, controls, requisitions, insurances, patient results, and patient outcome tracking
  • Allows users to define database queries for specific data combinations
  • Allows users to personalize grid views
  • Saves custom filters for common, recurring queries
  • Prints data in a grid format or exports to Microsoft Excel

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