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Client Services for CGM LABDAQ®

Client Services for CGM LABDAQ®

Improve your client outreach with Client Services

Client Services for CGM LABDAQ®

Need a better way to support your outreach clients?

Client Services for the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system is a user-friendly solution for supporting your clients. Store client contact information for quick, easy access. Create open calls, update existing calls, and view communication history with your outreach clients.

Key features of Client Services

  • Provides a single screen to manage client contacts, calls, and attachments
  • Logs and tracks all calls from your client locations
  • Provides quick access to clients that require follow-up actions
  • Sorts calls by category and priority
  • Allows users to open calls while in requisition maintenance without interrupting workflow
  • Permits administrators to track calls by user groups
  • Includes call history and call summary reports

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