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CGM LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System (LIS)

State-of-the-art technology designed to meet the unique needs and workflow of laboratory environments

CGM LABDAQ® from CompuGroup Medical is an advanced laboratory information system (LIS) that leverages a modern platform with decades of experience as the market-leading LIS.

CGM LABDAQ empowers labs of all sizes to optimize revenue and improve customer retention by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times and promoting patient safety.

There are significant features that stand out in this latest release, including rules-based technology that supports compliance with best practices and LAB IQ, an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics, eliminating manual processes and increasing efficiency. Additional features include an interface monitoring tool that includes user alerts to ensure that all interfaces are functioning as intended and orderless QC, which eliminates the extra steps required to order daily QC.

Key features of CGM LABDAQ include:

  • LAB IQ: Intuitive, interactive and user-friendly dashboards to view panel count trends, panel counts and turnaround times. Additionally, custom dashboards can be developed
  • Custom User Workspace: User-friendly tile format for quick user level customizable screens
  • Simplified Menu: Four main sections include System Functions, Controls, Report Library and Memorized Reports
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality that includes memorized reports, which can be saved and grouped on the main screen or accessed via a tile; batch reports can also be memorized
  • New interface monitor allows users to define fail parameters, such as inactive file folder minutes, file counts, service down minutes, export queue pending count and export queue pending minutes. User notification is via e-mail or printed alerts
  • Sample receiving available at the Requisitions Menu for streamlined access by lab personnel
  • Grid view for panel and test setup allows for easy modification to most commonly accessed parameters
  • Orderless QC eliminates the need to order all QC materials in CGM LABDAQ ; controls are viewed in Control Maintenance

Thousands of clinical laboratories have already experienced the advantages of CGM LABDAQ first-hand.

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