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CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

End-to-end assistance with COVID-19 testing

From order imports and analyzer interfaces to direct-to-patient resulting and state-mandated health department reporting, CGM LABDAQ is the best tool available for a laboratory scaling up to include or improve a COVID-19 testing workflow.

Evolve your lab with the nation's leading LIS

A reference laboratory connected to EMRs, a Practice Management System, lab analyzers, and more using the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System.

Built on more than 25 years of experience, CGM LABDAQ is an advanced laboratory information system (LIS) that can be found in virtually every clinical laboratory environment including physician offices, clinics, reference laboratories, and hospitals.

CGM LABDAQ evolves with your lab. With new features and capabilities based on real laboratory feedback, CGM LABDAQ is able to meet the needs of many types of facilities: student health centers, veterinary offices, pain management clinics, toxicology, and specialty testing reference laboratories.

Key benefits of CGM LABDAQ:

  • Maximized reimbursements
  • Total connectivity
  • Increased patient safety
  • Improved workflow
  • Regulatory and HIPAA compliance
  • Data integrity, security, and scalability
  • Advanced reporting
  • Unique configurations for specialized labs
  • Interfaces to and relationships with analyzers and industry partners

Connect your lab with CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

Customizable, user-specific homescreens are unique to the intuitive CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

With CompuGroup Medical's leading LIS, laboratories can connect to analyzers and instruments; better comply with CLIA and state regulations; integrate with EMR, billing software, and reference labs; increase reimbursements; decrease turnaround times; and more.

Use CGM LABDAQ to create informative, professional reports for providers and offer outreach through the CGM LABNEXUS web portal .

Client-specific configurations allow CompuGroup Medical to deliver a customized software solution designed for your facility.

CGM LABDAQ is a scalable solution that grows with your facility. Additional interfaces and software options are available and can be added at any time based on the changing demands of your laboratory.

CGM LABDAQ offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience that is easily configured to fit your facility’s unique environment.

The LIS will automate pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic activities, eliminating tedious manual entry and reducing the possibility of human error.