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Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory Solutions

CGM LABDAQ is the nation's leading laboratory information system

CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System

CGM LABDAQ by CompuGroup Medical is an advanced laboratory information system (LIS) that empowers labs of all sizes and specialties to optimize revenue and improve customer satisfaction by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times, and promoting patient safety.

CGM LABDAQ enables seamless connectivity with all types of EHR, Practice Management Systems, lab analyzers, billing systems, and more. The laboratory information system provides actionable insights for business decision support through advanced analytics and reporting.

CompuGroup Medical works closely with regulatory agencies to provide the required tools to assist with compliance. A leading LIS, CGM LABDAQ has an established record of updating software to meet new regulations. Laboratory inspections require less preparation with the CGM LABDAQ Quality Control and Document Management options. User-defined rules ensure that laboratory procedures are followed.

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CGM LABNEXUS provides greater connectivity between labs and clients

CGM LABNEXUS is the cloud-based outreach system for laboratories in need of an easy-to-use and intuitive web portal. With CGM LABNEXUS, labs can connect with more providers for result review and order entry.

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CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System is the leading LIS software for laboratories nationwide.


CGM LABNEXUS Laboratory Outreach Solution is a leading web portal for electronic lab orders and results reporting.