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Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory Solutions

CGM LABDAQ is the world's leading clinical laboratory information system

Connected Lab Connected Lab

CGM LABDAQ®, from CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is an advanced laboratory information system (LIS) that empowers labs of all sizes and specialties to optimize revenue and improve customer satisfaction by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times and promoting patient safety. CGM LABDAQ enables seamless connectivity with all types of EHR and billing systems and provides actionable insights for business decision support through advanced analytics and reporting.

CGM LABNEXUS® is the cloud-based outreach system for laboratories in need of an easy-to-use and intuitive web portal.

CGM LABDAQ® Laboratory Information System (LIS) has become the foundation for over 2,800 successful laboratories worldwide.

CGM LABNEXUS™ Web Portal is a leading web-based laboratory outreach solution for electronic lab orders and results reporting.