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PM and EHR Solutions

Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions

CompuGroup Medical US (CGM) is proud to offer a variety of advanced and proven solutions to meet the unique needs of physician practices, clinics or community health centers. Our solutions are easy to learn and use, helping healthcare providers across the country increase practice efficiencies; improve care coordination; enhance patient outcomes; reduce costs and increase reimbursement.

We invite you to learn more by clicking on the thumbnails below to view our products.

The Ulimate Integrated

PM and EHR Workflow Solution.

Health for Your Patient. Health for Your Practice.

Easiest to Use.

For the Growth of Your

Practice, Billing Service or Reference Lab.

The Ulitmate Stand-Alone EHR.

Leading Edge Patient Care with Zero Boundaries.

Interconnected. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Ulimate Stand-Alone PM Profitability Suite.

Accelerated Increase in the Health of Your Practice.

Interconnected. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Market Leading Solution for

Community Health Centers and Beyond.