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CGM ENTERPRISE™ Client Testimonials

CGM ENTERPRISE™ Client Testimonials

Teche Action Clinic

“At Teche Action Clinic, we strive to be a leader in the delivery of safe, quality, comprehensive primary and preventative healthcare. CompuGroup Medical has been a true business partner, supporting us in that mission for more than 10 years. Year after year, we continue to experience the benefits of the company’s products and services: CGM ENTERPRISE EHR and PM solutions.”

- Jennifer Fabre, MSN, APRN, NP-C, CDE . Chief Health Officer/Clinical Operations Manager. Teche Action Clinic.

Vida Y Salud Health Systems, Inc.

“We felt that the CGM ENTERPRISE PM™ and CGM ENTERPRISE EHR™ could cater to our unique needs as an FQHC. Our goal was to commit to a PM product with the ability to handle our unique revenue management cycle and reporting requirements such as: sliding fee discounts, support for multiple encounter charge slips by service type, and UDS reporting. In regard to the EHR component, we were looking to create custom medical and dental templates with patient safety features such as Rx contraindication alerts. Also, documentation tools such as the EM Code Generator that helps level the CMS office visit and the Patterns feature that speeds up documentation."

- Rick S. Lopez Chief Information Officer.

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