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CGM webPRACTICE™ Client Testimonials

CGM webPRACTICE™ Client Testimonials

Interventional Pain Consultants, PA

“We recently broke our own record by achieving 19 days in Accounts Receivable (AR) for our claims. About 10 years ago, our AR days were far above 60. With the help of CGM webPRACTICE, we have succeeded in progressively surpassing the industry average of about 30 days in AR. The insurance collections module in the solution has made such a huge difference to us. We are able to set follow-up dates for Medicare and our other insurance plans. If any claim remains unpaid longer than it should, we have the ability to flag it for immediate follow-up to ensure timely reimbursement.”

- Teri Paluso , Practice Administrator

Shalimar Primary Care

“I have been a CGM customer for over 10 years now and I have been very satisfied with CGM webPRACTICE and CGM webEHR. CGM has placed us in a great position to enter the new era of healthcare confidently by providing our practice with reliable mobile technology. What I truly like is that they not only have solid, reliable software solutions, but their entire staff really takes care of you.”

- Eduardo Alcántar , M.D., Shalimar Primary Care

Cardiovascular Consultants, LTD.

“I’ve had opportunities to view demos of other practice management solutions since I joined CVC in 2001 and have found no other solution that comes close.”

- Linda Ellis. Director of Billing. Cardiovascular Consultants, LTD.

Arizona Orthopedic Surgical Associates

“CGM webPRACTICE has enabled Arizona Orthopedic Associates to increase operational efficiency. As a result, our practice has only two billers on staff even with considerable growth in our operations over the years. We are able to realize annual cost savings associated with staffing to the tune of about $75,000.”

- Bob Cordova Practice Administrator, Arizona Orthopedic Associates.

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