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CGM LABDAQ® Client Testimonials

CGM LABDAQ® Client Testimonials

Setting the standard

“I’ve been in this business a long time and have worked with a lot of IT systems. With CGM LABDAQ®, I really appreciate how easy it is for a new user to be up and running without instruction: sending and finding results, making reports, etc. To me, this should be the standard, but these are things that are not necessarily typical of the industry.”

“We’ve been able to significantly add new products and do volumes of testing well beyond anything we’ve done before, all without the IT system becoming a crisis point.”

- Robert Boorstein, MD, PhD, Medical Director Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory

Easy to work with and very user friendly

“As a CGM LABDAQ® user since 2006, I find the software is easy to work with and very user friendly. In addition to the attentive support and development teams, CGM listens to the user’s needs and suggestions, to the point that what you ask for in a user group meeting will be part of the next software update.”

- Eltahir Elbakri, Laboratory Manager CleanSlate Centers

Interfaced and implemented prior to the launch date

“As a laboratory manager for over 110 OB/GYN physicians and more than 40 mid-level providers in 45 physical locations, keeping everyone on the same page with laboratory orders and laboratory results is a huge undertaking. In addition to 36 organizations, I also have a physician’s-owned laboratory where molecular microbiology testing is performed. The CGM LABDAQ® engineers and interface specialists at CompuGroup Medical made it possible to interface my practice management and billing systems as well as two national reference laboratories successfully — well before the launch date.”

- Margaret Blaetz, MCM, MLT (ASCP) Regional Women’s Health Management, LLC

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