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CGM DAQbilling™ Client Testimonials

CGM DAQbilling™ Client Testimonials

High Tech Images, Inc

“HTI has been using [CGM] DAQbilling for over a decade. As a thriving medical billing company that has been serving small to medium practices since 1995, we are able to grow and succeed in part due to [CGM] DAQbilling and the people that make up the company. I’m happy to say that I am very pleased with the advances made by CGM in securing [CGM] DAQbilling’s future by commiting to ICD-10 and investing in great people to represent your product.”

- David S. Yang President High Tech Images Westminster, MD

Kimberly Smith’s Billing

“I have worked with [CGM] DAQbilling for 5 plus years and have had an outstanding working relationship with them. I found the technical support team very knowledgeable of their system especially Chris and Terry. DAQbilling has made my administrative sector of my business run extremely smoothly. The sales staff at [CGM] DAQbilling has always handled my needs. [ CGM DAQbilling] Daq is very user friendly. I would recommend [CGM] DAQbilling to anyone.”

- Kimberly Smith Kimberly Smith Billing Stafford, VA

Physical Therapy Solutions

“When I started my search for software I knew I wanted online access. I also wanted to “love” my software because everyone I talked to hated theirs. I thought to myself…that seems silly… you use it every day and it is supposed to make your life at work easy and simple and happy. I spent time testing and retesting before deciding to go with DAQ [CGM DAQbilling™] and I am happy I did. I can actually say I love my software now! I did recommend DAQ [CGM DAQbilling] to a friend who was unhappy with her software and she did not take my advice. I think she is on her 3rd software vendor and is still not happy.”

- Kristen Terkelsen Physical Therapy Solutions Centerville, MA

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