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CGM LABDAQ User Conference 2019

CGM LABDAQ User Conference 2019

Comprehensive software education to improve your laboratory

The annual CGM LABDAQ User Conference is a full day of software education and the most comprehensive LIS learning opportunity for your laboratory.

Newest Features and Options

Learn about new options that streamline workflows and reduce paperwork for labs doing high-throughput, complex, or reagent-based testing.

HL7 and Interface Monitoring

Discover how to monitor your HL7 interfaces and do basic troubleshooting.

Data Miner

Learn how to use Data Miner to query information on patient results, billing, controls and more. Data filters can be saved for future queries.

Rules and Calculations

Discover how to set up, create, edit and use rules and events—and other actions—to save time and minimize manual processes.

Quality Control Features

Find out about electronic review of QC, detection of shifts and trends, and orderless QC using CGM LABDAQ .


Learn how CGM LABDAQ and CGM LABNEXUS work together and how to extract the most value from the product integration.

Support and Training

Learn about new, premium support services, on-site consulting services, and customized training for your laboratory information system.