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Portrait of CGM

Portrait of CompuGroup Medical

CompuGroup Medical is a leading global eHealth provider. Our software and communications solutions assist doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacists, associations, networks, and other service providers with workflow, diagnosis, and therapy. The platforms we provide facilitate the networking of all healthcare stakeholders.

Our customer base covers more than 400,000 service providers worldwide:

  • General practitioners and dentists
  • Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and care facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Health insurers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Public bodies

CompuGroup Medical provides modern IT solutions which are in step with the latest developments in the field of medicine and which meet the needs of the healthcare sector.

CompuGroup Medical enables users to store, exchange, and access medical information when and where they need it, improving their performance and benefiting patients while savings costs.

Our solutions work for people who care about health by providing them with relevant medical information and data anywhere and anytime they require it.



Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.