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CGM CLAIMER ECP brings benefits to all participants!


In overall terms, CGM CLAIMER ECP is a highly advanced claim management solution that helps health payers and health providers to work in a closely coordinated and aligned way as they pursue the common goal of saving process expenses by optimizing overlapping intercompany workflows.


Advantages for health payers:

  • Decrease your claim amount significantly.
  • Optimize human resources committed to claim management.
  • Increase operational claim management efficiency.
  • Generate a decision-support system that is based on a collection of detailed structured and classified data.



Profits for healthcare providers:

  • Increase the speed of your payments collection by minimization of bill rejections.
  • Avoid the unnecessary recruitment of additional staff by integrating your data workflow to your Hospital Information System.
  • Decrease your workload and paperwork by transmitting bills and relevant attachments electronically.
  • Speed up your overall claim authorization processes – and make them more effective.
  • Benefit from receiving authorization from multiple health payers through the same screen thanks to data integration.



Benefits for policyholders:

  • Increased speed and error-aversive authorization will result in higher levels of satisfaction.
  • Accurate and effective claim management with low claim/premium ratio.
  • More reasonable renewal premiums due to low claim/premium ratio.