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"Thanks to CGM we do not feel like officers anymore. We can fully give our attention to patients."

It is very necessary to be fully focused on the patient

Medical ambulances fight with increasing administration. Statements, summaries and statistics take a lot of physicians’ time. And this can be missing in case of what is important. The care of patient.

With the support by CGM you can get back to your mission. The complex information systems or specialised modules will help you with administration. They will take care of planning, simplify the communication with patients, and monitor finances and statements for health insurance companies. Thus you know all about your ambulance what you need.

Regardless the fact you are the specialist in the regional town or the general physician in the village, CGM will be your partner on which you can always rely. Saved time and energy can be devoted to patients. Their demand is always increasing and they expect the individual approach.

Free your hands. Your patients deserve it.


Physician Information System