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02. November 2018, Prague

CompuGroup Medical Defines Future of Medical Practice with Flagship Software CGM PRIMARY

Prague, 2 November 2018 - CompuGroup Medical launched new software - CGM PRIMARY, which is a breakthrough in the future of medical software in the Czech Republic. It is a flagship product by which the company further fulfills its long-term vision of fully electronic healthcare. CGM PRIMARY brings new technologies to the world of healthcare, whether it's its cloud solution or the use of artificial intelligence. With CGM PRIMARY, doctors can communicate with their surgery from anywhere, anytime. In addition, the programme is very intuitive, safe and with trademark high-quality service. It will relieve the users from a number of things they routinely had to keep in mind.

25. May 2018, Bratislava


Bratislava, 25. May 2018 - Dear customers, we would like to share with you the joyful information. As you have noticed, on 25 May 2018 the new EU Data Protection Regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into force. Same as you have been to prepare for the new legislation in yours ambulances and medical facilities, we in CGM have been worked for months to ensure that our entire company complies with the new regulation. We trained all of our employees and implemented adjustments for all products and services from both outpatient and hospital divisions.

09. March 2016, Bratislava

The German company CompuGroup Medical AG, owner of the Slovak CompuGroup Medical SR, changed its legal form to European Company CGM SE

Bratislava (March 9, 2016) - The company CompuGroup Medical AG (CGM AG), which holds one of the highest coverage among eHealth service providers, changed its legal form from a German joint-stock company to CGM SE. CGM has become the multinational European company. The change will have a positive impact on the Slovak representation, because it will improve cooperation and movement of workers within the European continent. As a member of special negotiating committee for CGM Slovak Republic (CGM SR) will act Milan Krajčovič, who became a member of the Employee Council CGM SE.

03. March 2016, Bratislava

First Implementation of eHealth System in Slovakia Takes Place in Malacky

Bratislava (March 3, 2016) – Real operation of eHealth was tested in practice for the first time in hospital of Malacky. In the presence of the Minister of Health Viliam Čislák, the interconnection of the hospital information system (NIS) with eHealth, namely NIS CGM CLINICOM CC3, was put into full operation.

19. August 2014, Bratislava

Topoľčany Hospital improves surgeries through picture and video. The first in Slovak and Czech Republics.

Bratislava, August 19th 2014 – Endoscopic images and video recordings and their subsequent archiving is helping the Topolcany Hospital to improve surgeries as well as professional education of doctors. Perhaps in no other area is technical development as important as in the healthcare. Improving the quality of patient services and the efficiency of performance of professionals has become one of the basic attributes in the development of new technologies. CompuGroup Medical is thanks to it‘s CGM ENDORAAD system a pioneer company in Slovakia and supporting the Topolcany Hospitalin the area of working with high-end medical picture and video software.

28. April 2014, Bratislava

17. April 2014, Bratislava

ADAM 3.0 helps doctors and dentists

The third-generation of information systems ADAM 3.0 helps to streamline the daily work of doctors, specialists, as well as entire healthcare facilities in Slovakia. The system supplied by CompuGroup Medical (CGM) provides a complex solution to support a wide range of activities of ambulance and thanks to the simple program control by users, has the product of Slovak company CGM become a significant player in our market.

10. January 2014, Koblenz

CompuGroup Medical doubles its Market Share in the Sector of Doctors Information Systems in France through the Acquisition of the Companies Imagine Editions and Imagine Assistance including their Software HelloDoc

Koblenz, January 10, 2014: CompuGroup Medical AG, one of the leading global providers of eHealth solutions, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Imagine Editions and Imagine Assistance, both based in Soulac Sur Mer (France). Through this acquisition the amount of doctors operating with CGM software products doubles to 40.000. CompuGroup Medical thus becomes number one in the market for Doctors Information Systems in France and continues on the path of profitable growth and expansion of its market share.

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