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Meet CGM SAM™, the new face of chronic condition management Healthcare knowledge is power An innovative platform to support value-based care

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Meet CGM SAM™, the new face of chronic condition management

CGM SAM™ can identify individuals in need of support, guide them down the path to better health, and empower their providers to offer personalized, cost-effective, high quality care.

Healthcare knowledge is power

CGM SAM™ gives healthcare providers access to advanced clinical insight and evidence-based treatment goals while allowing them to stay connected with their chronically ill patients.

An innovative platform to support value-based care

CGM SAM™ gives payers and accountable care organizations the ability to promote consistent clinical practices, monitor physician progress against quality metrics, and offer the most efficient effective care to at-risk patients.

A revolutionary new approach to chronic condition management designed to improve care, reduce costs, and save lives

CGM’s Software Assisted Medicine (CGM SAM™) platform employs innovative technology to completely transform the way that healthcare organizations support individuals with chronic illness and improve population health. This powerful system can help these organizations implement consistent, highly effective care practices, optimize care coordination efforts, and empower individuals to make positive lifestyle changes that improve outcomes.

Transforming data into actionable insight

CGM SAM™ integrates volumes of patient data from a variety of sources and then turns this information into actionable clinical insight. This system goes beyond simply connecting data from across the continuum of care—it can actually help care team members make more informed care decisions and provide the most targeted, effective treatment based on patient’s unique health needs. CGM SAM™ also provides tools and resources that help patients learn how to better manage their disease and track their progress. The end result? Healthier patients, empowered providers, and more accountable, cost-effective, and efficient care delivery.

Learn more about how CGM SAM™’s advanced technology is transforming patient care.

Improve outcomes, drive down costs and create a better patient experience.

CGM SAM™ for payers, ACOs, and other healthcare organizations.

Access advanced clinicalinsight that will optimizeyour workflow and improvepatient health

CGM SAM™ for care providers.

Take control of your healthand healthcare decisions

CGM SAM™ for individuals living with chronic conditions.

Care Coordination


Watch a brief video on achieving Care Coordination with our state-of-the-art technology: CGM SAM™.